The Canterbury Tales

“Humorous… Enjoyable and Very Well Done”

The Sunday Telegraph

A visit to The Canterbury Tales, one of Britain’s most popular attractions, is just like stepping into medieval England complete with stunning reconstructions of 14th Century Canterbury.

Inside the historic building you can step back into medieval Canterbury with all its splendours.  Here you can join Geoffery Chaucer (England’s finest poet) and his colourful characters as they journey from London towards the shrine of St. Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

The Canterbury Tales

Begin your journey…

The Canterbury Tales, one of England’s most popular and enduring visitor attractions, brings vividly to life the courtly tales of chivalry, romance and sometimes horror, told by Chaucer’s pilgrims along their route.

Your journey starts at the Tabard Inn, in London.  On your way to Canterbury you will be entertained by stories told by our merry band of pilgrims.



The Knight’s Tale

The knight's tale

The Knight is the first to tell his tale.   It is a story rich in love, rivalry and chivalry.  Two men fall in love with the same beautiful young girl.  Will there be a happy ending?




The Miller’s Tale

Bawdy fun with the miller's tale

A bawdy tale, tells a rather different story of love and one which will leave everyone laughing.  The animated scenes will make you giggle too!





The Wife of Bath’s Tale

The wife of bath

A thoughtful tale told by a woman, who has had five husbands, poses the question, “What is it that every woman desires?”  (It is worth a visit to discover the answer!)  Her romantic tale is set in the time of King Arthur.




The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

The Nun's Priest's Tale

An animated farmyard tale of a cock and a hen and a wily old fox…





The Pardoner’s Tale

The pardoner's tale

A thrilling tale of death and trickery and one which will leave you with a slight tingle down your spine.

The tale has an unexpected ending – watch out!




The Shrine of St. Thomas Becket

St Thomas Becket's shrine

Within these superb reconstructions of medieval streets, houses and markets, you will also discover a breathtaking reconstruction of Becket’s shrine, the very reason for Canterbury’s position throughout the years as a major destination for pilgrims and tourists alike.